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Stay Inn 2 (Angeles City) – Adjoining Annex, Questions for Tour Guide

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After touring the main house, I was led to another part of the complex where there were more girls. I also interviewed my tour guide a little bit both at the beginning and end of this clip. Some of the questions were ...

Stay Inn 1 (Angeles City) – Main House

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I was able to go to a house where many bar girls stay. It was intensely enlightening. The conditions were extremely basic, yet there were still genuine moments of joking and laughter.

Bargirl Apartment 2 – Hanging Out as Girls Speak Tagalog

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I was just hanging out with the camera as the two girls talked mostly in Tagalog, which is the major language in the Philippines besides English. Tagalog is a mixture of Filipino and English phrases. You also see foot...

Bargirl Apartment 1 – Going Inside

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This is an example of an average bargirl apartment for girls who want to pay for their own place to stay instead of living in places owned by the bars. The girl who took me here shared this apartment with another girl...

Bunny Ranch 9 (Christmas Party) – Final Toast

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One last toast to celebrate Christmas morning.             Located on the perimeter of Fields Avenue.

Bunny Ranch 8 (Christmas Party) – Girl Sandwich

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This familiar guy once again looked like he was in a state of absolute bliss.         Located on the perimeter of Fields Avenue

Bunny Ranch 7 (Christmas Party) – Happy Girls

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As you can see, Christmas is a happy time in the Philippines.           Located on the perimeter of Fields Avenue

Bunny Ranch 6 (Christmas Party) – Fake Sex

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The same guy who got the two consecutive lap dances was so happy he could not contain his enthusiasm with this girl.               Located on the perimeter of...

Bunny Ranch 5 (Christmas Party) – Ring the Bell

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This customer rang this bell to signify that Christmas Eve had turned into Christmas Day. Also, by ringing this bell, every girl in the bar received extra money. As you can see, the girls were very excited.   ...

Bunny Ranch 4 (Christmas Party) – Waitresses Pose

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These waitresses had a lot of fun in front of the camera. The drinks had obviously been flowing.           Located on the perimeter of Fields Avenue.

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