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Mount Pinatubo Trek 9- Mountain Children

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There are actually people who live in this volcano area, and it is customary for travelers to give the children candy as an act of kindness. Also, notice that the children do not have on shoes as they move over the ro...

Mount Pinatubo Trek 8- Crater Lake Bird’s Eye View

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View of the crater lake from an elevated area. I was exhausted beyond belief. My entire body felt like I had just run a 20 mile marathon. My feet were completely and utterly numb. Yet, all of the pain went away ...

Mount Pinatubo Trek 7- Crater Lake Path

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Walking down to view the crater lake.

Mount Pinatubo Trek 6- Crater Sign

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This is the sign finally welcoming you to the top of the volcano.

Mount Pinatubo Trek 5- Steps to the Top

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It was so good to see these stone steps leading to the top.

Mount Pinatubo Trek 4- No Littering

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It was fascinating to see a no littering sign in this pristine jungle enviornment near the top of the volcano.

Mount Pinatubo Trek 3- Rocks

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Onward and upward. There were so many rocks. I had on thin water shoes and by this time they were almost destroyed. This video is shaky, but you experience my perspective traversing over all these rocks.

Mount Pinatubo Trek 2- Hills

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The journey continues upward through hills.

Mount Pinatubo Trek 1- The Beginning

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This is the start of my 3 hour long hike up the volcano. I make a comment that I think I'm going to be very tired. Those words were so true. The men in the yellow shirts are guides.

Angeles City Street 3- Jeepney Terminal

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This is a terminal for public transportation. In the Philippines, a public transportation vehicle is called a jeepney. Each of these vehicles has a specific route. For a small fee (about US 5 cents) you can go anywher...

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