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Subic Bay 9-Posing on the Beach

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The beach is a nice place to pose.

Subic Bay 8-Starfish 2

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The starfish also make good photo companions

Subic Bay 7-Starfish

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Getting up close and personal with a starfish.

Subic Bay 6- Beach Messages

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It is always fun to write in the sand.

Walking Street 4- Detour to my Hotel

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My hotel was located on a side road off of Walking Street called Soi BJ. I had to go back to my room to get something, This video stops just as I enter the hotel lobby.    

Walking Street 3 – Clown and Loud Music

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Continuing down Walking Street. I thought it was funny to see the clown. Also, the loud music spilling into the street from a bar caught the attention of my ears.